Welcome to Clary Anderson Arena, a facility of the Township of Montclair managed by Clary Anderson Arena LLC. Our Arena is open from September 1st to Mid May. Our group lesson program follows the Ice Skating Institute “We Skate” guidelines. Ice skating is a great fun for everyone and it is never to late to learn!

Class Format
All lesson students are allowed on the ice at the beginning of the lesson period to begin their class. All classes will meet once a week for the designated amount of weeks and will include a 30 minute lesson and a public skate session to practice. The public session will be either before or after the lesson depending on the day. It is sometimes necessary to repeat a level in order to master all of the skills required to advance to the next level. Taking two classes per week and practicing on the public sessions can help to advance quicker.

Class Size
Classes are limited to 8 skaters per instructor for Tot classes and 12 per instructor for Beginner thru Adult.

Registration must be done prior to the first day of the class. You can register here, in person or over the phone 973-744-6088.


  • Lesson fees are non refundable
  • Walkers are NOT included during the practice time
  • Classes can be combined or schedules can be changed based on enrollment.
  • Participants can be moved to another class with a different start time or skating level based upon enrollment and activity.

Class Descriptions

Mommy/Daddy & MeBeginning basic skills and introduction to the ice are taught to both parent and child participant on the ice (Lesson is for the Tot child only and to show the parent how to assist the child)
Tot 1For beginner skaters 3-6 years old. Learns how to properly fall down and get back up, marching in place and while moving.
Tot 2Learns how to do a two foot jump in place, forward swizzle standing still, single swizzle and beginning two foot glide.
Tot 3Learns push and glide stroking, preparation snow plow stop, dip and forward swizzles.
Tot 4Learns backward swizzles, T-Position push and glide, 1 and 2 foot snowplow stop and backward wiggles.
Beginner 1For skaters 7-16 who have never skated. Learns the proper way to get up, 2 foot glide, and forward swizzle(s).
Beginner 2Learns push and glide stroking, Dip while moving, forward/backward swizzles, T-Position push and glide, 1 & 2 foot snowplow stop, and backward wiggles.
Pre-AlphaLearns 2-foot glides, left & right 1-foot glides, forward swizzles, backward swizzles and wiggles.
AlphaLearn forward stroking, 1 foot snow plow stop, right over left forward crossovers and left over right forward crossovers.
BetaLearns backward stroking, backward crossovers and T-stop on both feet.
GammaLearns left and right outside 3-turns, forward right and left Mohawk combination, hockey stop and posture.
DeltaLearns right and left inside 3-turns, forward inside and outside edges, Lunge, shoot the duck and bunny hop.
FreestyleLearns edges, spirals, spins, jumps and footwork for Freestyles 1-6.
AdultFor beginners and those with some skating experience. To learn and perfect skills.


1. How should we dress?
Dress in layers, thermals under your clothes, with a jacket, helmet and gloves.

2. What size skates should we wear?
Choose the same size as your every-day shoe.

3. What type of socks should I wear?
Thin tall trouser socks or tights.

4. What time should I arrive?
15 minutes prior to the starting time.

5. Where do we go when we arrive?
The first day you will receive a tag that will have the instructors name, the class and the dates of the session. Once you get your skates on and they are tightly tied you will wait by the arena door.

6. How do I find my class?
The tags that the students receive are color coded to match the signs on the glass surrounding the arena. We also have junior coaches helping by the door to the ice to direct you.

7. What happens if I forget my tag?
See the Director, if you lose your tag a new one will be made but you will NOT receive the free public skate passes.

8. What if I can’t make my class?
Students will be permitted to make up one missed class per session if space and class is available. Make ups may not be done within the first week of classes and must be completed within the CURRENT SESSION.

9. What if I would like to skate with my child during the practice time?
Pay for admission at the rental room $6.00 for admission and $4.00 for skate rentals.


6 Week Sessions:

  • 1 Class Per Week: $135 per person
  • 2 Classes per week: $195 per person
  • 1 Class of Mommy/Daddy & Me: $200 per child
  • Multi Family Discount: Second Child receives $30 off

5 Week Session:

  • 1 Class Per Week: $105 per person
  • 2 Classes per week: $158 per person
  • 1 Class of Mommy/Daddy & Me: $161 per child
  • Multi Family Discount: Second Child receives $10 off