New Jersey Colonials

The New Jersey Colonials mission is to provide a quality environment for learning, playing and enjoying the game of ice hockey, for the personal/emotional and athletic growth of the children who are part of our program. By combining high-level training in a competitive sport that our children enjoy, with important values such as teamwork, sportsmanship and discipline, our intent is to better prepare our children for success in the pursuit of their important goals in the future.

Our program will be enriching enough to create a solid foundation for the elite player, who may have the skills and desire to play the game at a higher level – and for all players, at all levels, to learn the value of hard work and preparation to succeed in life’s competitive endeavors.


Nutley/Clifton Hockey Club

The Nutley-Clifton Youth Ice Hockey Club is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that is committed to teaching kids the fundamentals and rules of hockey. From coaching our youngest members on the basics of ice skating, to instilling principles of teamwork and sportsmanship for players advancing to competitive teams, the Club is dedicated to providing instruction and support for young athletes.



Jersey Wolves Hockey Club

It is our philosophy that each child’s youth hockey experience allows them to have fun while developing physical and emotional skills that will serve them throughout their lives. This organization will strive to cultivate each and every player’s character, his sense of sportsmanship, his skill level, and overall love and passion for the game. To accomplish this end, we emphasize teamwork, respect for players, coaches, and officials, and having fun.