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JV League

School sports can be a very rewarding experience. Ice hockey is not only fun to watch, but it is fun to be apart of. Ice skating is a great physical activity and allows you to participate in a team sport that is challenging and competitive. With that in mind Clary Anderson Arena has instituted a Junior Varsity Hockey League that allows all kids at high school age to represent there high school in a positive way. We currently have a Clary Anderson Arena Junior Varsity League that consist of six teams. All teams play for a perpetual trophy that is kept here at the arena with the schools name and season won.

This page contains useful links and information on our 2016-2017 Junior Varsity League at Clary Anderson Arena. Click below to view current league standings and schedules

JV Standings
JV Full League Schedule

Montclair JV Hockey
Verona / Glenridge JV Hockey
West Orange JV Hockey
Milburn JV Hockey